The Weekend Cometh

Finally, I’ll have a chance to write this weekend. It drives me nuts that lately I’ve been rather busy, and I haven’t had a chance to get my story together. Some days I feel like I could type the world.

Then there’s there are days I want to just forget that I even started this writing process and that I’m not working on the biggest dream I’ve ever had.

Then, curiosity gets the best of me and I have to admit, it’s rather exciting and even I don’t know how it’s going to end.

Let’s see what this weekend brings.

Thank you Kitchen Spider

For some reason we had an infestation of fruit flies. It was horrible, we tried to kill them with natural methods, but they just wouldn’t die. They lived around the green waste bin on the kitchen counter and I kept changing the bag daily, but there’d be 20 of them that would fly up from the bag. Oh, disgusting. This went on for three days and then one day we noticed the flies were decreasing in number. It took another two days for the flies to be completely gone and I wondered how did this miracle happen? Then I noticed the small spider who had taken up residence in the corner behind the bin.

I appreciate the work the spider did, as it sure helped, and I got to witness nature’s balance in action. Just as the spider has a natural job to do, I have to do the same thing and finish my editing.

If this happy duck believes in me, well, I can dig that. After this round of edits, I’m going to find another editor to review my story. I really want to have a polished feel to my story and it’s something I notice that is a main criticism in reviews of most indie authors. Why not do the best I can. I don’t want to rush things. I want more than anything to finally have my book in my hands, well, ebook. Sigh. Slow and steady!

Soon my pretty, the editing begins, soon…

In another week I’ll have the final instalment of my novel and the editing will begin. Some days it feels like I’ll never get this book out in the market, but at the same time I’m closer than I’ve ever been. I can’t give up and I don’t think my neurotic behaviour can allow me to even if I wanted.

I have to take stock in myself. It’s okay to take time, it’s okay to perfect the art of storytelling, and to not stop writing.

A Raven’s Touch Sample Paragraphs

I’ve changed my story around, flipped it, ripped it, and finally I’m waiting for my editor to do the same.

When I first started writing my WIP, about two years ago now, I didn’t expect so many changes. How naive. I honestly thought I’d be finished in 6 months from writing the first draft, to revisions, to publishing. HA! Ooh, a big fat laugh is necessary. Two years and counting. I’m sincerely hoping that I can have this ready for June.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the newest version of my first two paragraphs.

A Raven’s Touch: By Linda Bloodworth

It started two days ago. Every night I go to bed hoping I don’t end up back here. The sound of rushing water catches my attention. I turn to face it and my skin is kissed with tiny droplets of water. I shuffle my bare feet only to be pricked with pine needles. I must be in the Rouge Valley forest; this certainly isn’t my bedroom. I open my eyes to the darkness that surrounds me. What am I doing here in the middle of the night, again?

A streak of pain crackles through my body and my head snaps forward. I let out a scream while my back burns like it’s on fire. A flock of small birds take to the sky causing the leaves to shudder. I hug myself as if I can stop the pain from throbbing. My entire body feels like a fresh wound. With tears in my eyes, I look up to the Heavens for guidance, but I’m met with silence. To my left, little feet hop away through the bush. I can only imagine what I must look like: black long hair strung about my pale face with dark circles as of late. I’d run away from me too.

I’m rather happy with this and that’s saying a lot. Some days I couldn’t stand to look at my work, some days I wanted to burn it all and kick my computer down the stairs. Now, I think it’s a reflection of the hard work and suffering. It’s only fit that my main character wake up in a state of confusion looking like the girl from the Ring screaming in a forest. Sure, why not?

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Confusion and Fear

Two feelings occur when something unexpected happens. First, confusion, and then fear creeps in.

Today, in my country’s capital, gunmen shot and and killed Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers. He was a soldier standing on guard responsible for safeguarding the authority of the House of Commons. The fact that this happened on Canadian soil blows my mind. Canadians think – this is what happens in the US, not here. It’s hard to digest and comprehend such a surprise.

How could this happen? How could people dare try to take away the sense of security that Canadians are known for? Shock and dismay. I’m not going to buy a gun or stop trusting people as a result, but it stings. We have to be brave and honour the sacrifice that was made today.

My heart goes out to everyone involved.


Dance for me, I like to watch

In 2005 I attended Pop Montreal and saw one of my favourite bands named Pony Up! They’re a group of four ladies who don’t sing baby doll songs, instead their lyrics are always poignant and draw me in with soft harmonies.

I love this song and the perfect pain of temptation. Again, another song perfect for Darien and Justice. I can’t wait till I’m done with all my changes and my story is live. I’m guessing it’s going to be another six months easily. By the time I get my edits, let’s say three weeks, to the time I complete all the updates, and not to mention that I’ll have it reviewed one more time to make sure I didn’t miss something…yeah, six months sounds about right. Sigh.

Pony Up! – Dance For Me Lyrics

Artist: Pony Up!

Album: Make Love To The Judges With Your Eyes

Genre: Rock

You rode in on a horse
And I took him down
I left you to walk alone
I left you on the ground

Dance for me, I like to watch
I’ve got that look in my eyes
And you know that I could eat you alive
You know that I could just take you inside

The parting of the double ruby pout of his lips seemed to exhale an air sweeter than it drew in, oh, what does it cost me to refrain the so tempted kiss


But I’m sick of myself when I look at you

Every so often a song comes on while I’m writing and I have to stop and listen while it takes me back to a specific place and time in my life. This particular song brings me back to high school and I was so insanely happy. I love the deep feelings these lyrics emote from me. I can listen to this song on repeat for hours. I suppose while writing scenes with Justice and Darien I have to keep in mind my high school love and how just the thought of him made me tingle. To bring myself back to my first love is bittersweet to say the least, but I want to have the same passion and unbridled raw emotion that teenagers have.

I hope this song can do that for someone too.

Matthew Sweet – Sick Of Myself Lyrics

You don’t know how you move me
deconstruct me and consume me.
I’m all used up, I’m out of luck I am star struck
By something in your eyes
that is keeping my hope alive.But I’m sick of myself when I look at you
something is beautiful and true.
World that’s ugly and a lie
it’s hard to even want to try.
I’m beginning to think
maybe you don’t know.I’ll take a leave, the room to breathe
The choice to leave it
I’ll throw away a chance at greatness just to make this
dream come into play
I don’t know if I’ll find a way’Cause I’m sick of myself when I look at you
something is beautiful and true.
World that’s ugly and a lie
it’s hard to even want to try.
I’m beginning to think
maybe you don’t know.I’m beginning to think
maybe you don’t know.

Something in your eyes
that is keeping my hope alive.

But I’m sick of myself when I look at you
something is beautiful and true.
World that’s ugly and a lie
it’s hard to even want to try.
I’m beginning to think
maybe you don’t know.

I’m beginning to think
maybe you don’t know.