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A Raven’s Revenge Update

So, here I am starting from scratch all over again. One of my writer heroes is Stephen King. I believe he only wrote on series, The Gunslinger series, and I am beginning to see why. It’s freaking hard. Plus, I wonder how I can write this story? Is it just a two book ‘series’, or is it longer? Frick.

Planning is not my forte. I usually write by the seat of my pants and to have to plot things blows my mind. I’m currently creating a world that my characters are exploring, however, I am not sure where to put them. The setting has kind of written itself, but now I have to figure out where each character will be at what time. Yes, things are a little complicated this time.

meme plotting

At this point a regular person would question themselves, why do this? Oh, because I love it. Yes, I really do. Let’s cut a vein and bleed; this story isn’t going to write itself.



Title Announcement + Birthday offer

I mentioned the other week that I have decided on the title for the sequel to A Raven’s Touch.

The next book will be called……


A Raven’s Revenge

What do you think? 

I’m pretty psyched about this title. For ARR I’m reading notes about Hell and what the circles look like. Needless to say the sequel is going to be a heavy one. Justice, Moira, Tom and Darien are going to have to be strong in the face of evil. I’m not sure how far I will push them, but I do know a few of you are probably going to hate me a little. Things are going to get freaky that’s for sure.

Now here’s a question. I don’t know if I want to stretch things out to three books, and I think I can wrap up everything nicely into the sequel. Does that even make for a series if there’s only two books? 

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Murder Under the Magnolias by: Charmain Zimmerman Brackett

Hi guys. I’m helping out my friend Charmain. She was the first Facebook friend I made when I joined four years ago. Time sure flies. Not only is Charmain an incredibly lovely person, but talented as well. Check out her book info below and ONE-CLICK to pre-order her book!:)


The first full week in April means a blooming business for Grace Ward, Murder Under the Magnolias-01whose floral designs will be part of several parties with the major golf tournament in town. After the murder of a young woman with a mysterious tattoo, Grace finds herself in the middle of an investigation and wonders if these parties she’s helping with are actually fronts for something more sinister.






It was spring in Augusta. I’m thoroughly convinced there’s a place in Heaven that looks just like my hometown does as it comes into the full glory of spring. Of course, Heaven wouldn’t have the yellow haze of pollen that leaves many to sneeze, wheeze, and become otherwise uncomfortable. With its multicolored azaleas, sweet-scented purple wisteria, and lovely pink and white dogwoods, Augusta is enchanted and ethereal. It truly lives up to its nickname of The Garden City. I think the azaleas have always been my favorite especially the fuchsia colored ones. And with a week to go before one of the premiere events in pro golf took place in my city, the azaleas were almost in full bloom. Everything had awakened from its winter slumber seemingly overnight, and the trees, grass, and shrubs seemed to know they had to be the exact same color as those beautiful fairways off Augusta’s Washington Road.

About the Author

Charmain Zimmerman Brackett, a veteran journalist, has written several books including the young adult book, The Key of Elyon, the 2014 Yerby Award cropped-230-2.jpgfor Fiction winner at the Augusta Literary Festival and an illustrated children’s book, Little Pearl’s Circus World, the 2015 winner of the Georgia Writers Association’s Georgia Author of the Year Award. Little Pearl’s Circus World is based on the true story of her great-grandmother, Pearl Clark LaComa, who began performing in her father’s circus at the age of 4. Because of her newspaper background, she likes writing in different genre.






Stone Guardians: Obsidian Book Blitz & Giveaway

Book Banner 13 - Ellie Potts (Stone Guardians Obsidian Blitz)

Title: Stone Guardians Obsidian
Author: Ellie Potts

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s




This is a different take on the vampire mythos.

Long before

man there were Stone Guardians, a race of immortal warriors who sat beside Goddess. Isobel is different, she is an illegal bound servant. Not human or Guardian, she is vampire. Last of her kind, kept hidden by her Guardian master Vilem of the Obsidian Clan. Youngest son to Ivy who is responsible for the uprising that tore the Stone Guardians into two factions. One who still worship the Goddess, and the other who defies her.

Isobel has seen a lot throughout her many years with Vilem. She has learned with great minds, taught by teachers who live in history books. But she is truly happy when she sings. Now she is the head singer of the local rock band À La Mode. Her band consist of her closest friends, who are fourth generation Guardians. As uninvited visitors show up and threaten Isobel’s life. She has to play the good little Guardian while her world unwinds.

Ellie Potts
Ellie Potts is a self-published multi-genre writer. She loves everything nerdy like dressing for pirate and renaissance faires, Steampunk, playing video games, planning to survive a zombie apocalypse, being a Whovian, Browncoat, Star Wars addict, and collector of arcane knowledge. She grew up in Merced County where most of her stories and books take place. She now lives in Tulare County with her husband, an attack Bugg, Darth Turtle, two spoiled goats, and a bunch of creepy chickens.

Author Links:

Buy Links:


Chapter 1

Isobel gripped the microphone and let the rhythm of the music take over. On cue, her mouth opened and she began to sing; softly at first then louder as the drums and the bass guitar came in. She opened her eyes and heard the people nearest the stage gasp. It was the white contacts, but they weren’t part of her overall costume. The powdered oversized hairdo and  heavy make-up with pink accents plus the tight, hot pink, silk, brocade bodice, the matching short pannier  skirt with fringe and matching heels all fit her French rock band À La Mode’s look. Their music was gothic rock with a touch of 70’s glam.

As Isobel sang, she made love to the microphone. People left their shows excited and turned on, which added to the vibe of the crowd. She shut out the world and released all of her pain and agony when she sang. Toby played drums behind her, wearing his own oversized wig and a pair of tight pants. His body was powdered and adorned with piercings and tattoos.  On her left was Johnny who played guitar and on her right was Jenny, Johnny’s twin, who played bass. Both dressed in high French eighteenth century fashion with a modern twist.

When the set was done, Toby got up and went to Isobel, holding out his hand. She gave a slight curtsy, took his hand, and bounded off the stage followed by the twins. Their groupies oooed and aahed around them as they made their way to the bar.


“Madame,” Toby said, pulling  out the barstool.


“Merci, mon cher,” she  replied, sitting down.


“Isobel,” a man called, making  her turn.  “Will you take a picture with me?”

She looked him over. He was dressed in the usual Goth attire; black and more black.

“Why, yes,” she replied and got up from the stool.

He pulled her close, and she put on a fake smile as he snapped a selfie. She kissed his cheeks then shooed him away. Other fans began asking her questions, mostly about the group’s eyes. The twins had burnt orange colored eyes, and Toby’s were sky blue. Eyes of their family line. When Isobel left the house she had to wear her silver contacts to cover her brown eyes. She smiled, she laughed, and she teased them sensually, as was her way.  Finally she sat at the bar. Toby removed the wig.


“The usual?” Roy the bartender asked.

They all nodded.


“You didn’t have to take that picture,” Jenny said.


“Oh, but did you see his  ruffles?” she smiled and tried to hide her teeth as much as possible. She had used much of the energy she had, and she was hungry. “I’ll be back. I need to use the restroom.”


“I’ll go,” Jenny  said.


“No, it’s okay. I need to call  Vilem anyway.”


Roy set down a pitcher and four glasses. She managed to make it to the bathroom on legs that didn’t feel steady. Something was off. She flipped down the toilet seat and dug out the vials hiding in her bodice. She usually only needed one but pulled out both; tonight, she needed a double shot. She popped the cork, tilted the vial, and let the warm red liquid slide down her throat. The copper essence filled her senses.  She finished the one then looked at the other vial. She popped the top and slammed it back as if taking a shot. Her energy returned quickly, but something was still wrong. She looked at the stall, not really thinking as she looked over the graffiti: Samantha was here, John’s a dick, and her favorite, I love bacon. She flushed the toilet and went to the sinks. A trickle of blood had run down the side of her mouth. She licked at it quickly before anyone could see.


She threw the empty vials in the trash and washed her hands. She left the bathroom and made her way back to her friends. They were discussing their playlist for tomorrow.


“How is Vilem?” Toby asked as she took her seat.


“Being Vilem.”


“My father would flay me if I called him by his given name,” Johnny said.


“Vilem never seems to mind,” Jenny said.


Toby poured her a beer. She took her glass and guzzled the drink. “Always the lady,” Toby said. “You all right?”


“I’m fine.”


Roy came back with the bar phone. “Izzy, your father is on the phone.”


“You didn’t bring your phone?” Toby asked.


“I forgot,” she said and took the phone. “Father?” She listened quietly. “I forgot it. I know. Yes.”


“Well, what did your father  want?” Jenny asked.


“You are the only girl I know who hates cell phones,” Johnny said.


“Vilem wants me home. He received word of relatives coming to visit.”


Toby choked on his beer. She looked at him as he cleaned himself with a napkin. She looked at the twins; their eyes were wide staring at her.


“What?” she finally asked. “You do know that your relatives don’t believe in our way.”

She shook her head. “Vilem has told me very little of our relatives.”


“You need to have him tell you about them before we say anything more.” Jenny put her cup down, her hand shaking slightly.

She was scared. Izzy had known them for over one hundred years, and Jenny only shook when she was frightened.


“Why are you scared?”


Jenny shot her daggers. “I am not scared. I am a guardian.”


“Look, let us enjoy the night,” Toby said.


“Excuse me,” a man said, and they all turned to look at him. He was tall and lean and had muscles where they counted. He wore a tight pair of pants and a loose fitting shirt. “Toby, I am a huge fan. I want to buy you a drink.”


“I would love that. And what is your name?”


“Jorge,” he said, clearly nervous.


“Well, Jorge, sit here next to me and let us have that drink.” Toby spewed sexual mojo causing Isobel to roll her eyes and turn back to her drink.


“We may have another problem,” Johnny said, looking towards the door.


Izzy closed her eyes. She had sensed the darkness as it came in. Blood, sex, frustration, and anger; most of the dark guardians wore the scent as if it was their only skin. She sat straight up on her stool. She knew who had come in even before looking. He was heading straight for her. Aengus always walked with a purpose. He had an air about him, as if he owned everything and everyone in his path.  He wanted to own her. His shoulder length black hair made his skin luminous, which made his maroon eyes glow with evil darkness.

He was closely followed by his cronies. All wore black, had ebony colored hair and wore white makeup.  They looked the part of traditional vampires, but they were far more sinister. All of them, except for one, were guardians, dark stone guardians at that. They lived only on human blood.


All stone guardians lived off of blood but the light guardians, who still lived by the Goddess, consumed only animal blood. Dark stone guardians defied the Goddess and drank human blood, since she valued them more than any other creature. Human blood had made them dangerous and a bit insane throughout the years, and with each generation, it seemed to get worse.


Aengus stopped in front of her. “I missed your band. I apologize.”


“Accepted, now please leave,” she said.


“It is moon. I am free and bound to court you. Will you accept my offer?” He leaned in. The darkness that clung to him always called to something deep inside her. Yet she could not stand the man.


“Again, I will pass. You might want to court one of your own kind.”


“But you are my kind,” he bent down, whispering against her ear. “I know you feel it. I have seen it in your eyes.  Be my bride.  I will show you such pleasures, and you will never look back.”


“No thank you,” she said.


“I am then calling you to circle,” he said, pulling away. “I have talked to the council. You are expected in an hour, since you did not accept my proposal.” He turned and left with his group.


Izzy stared after him.

“Trouble,” she said, her French accent heavy as the others stared at her. What they did not know was that she was speaking to Vilem.


Fear bit into her. She had opened the tie to Vilem. Aengus has made a blood challenge.  In an hour, she whispered to him in her head. She looked around at her friends.


“It is okay to be frightened,”

Jenny said. I would have wet myself,”


Johnny said. “Plead to the council,” Toby said, taking her hands. “He has no reason to call you into challenge. Plead to the council.”

“We should get going,” she

said, still in shock. She could feel the feelings of others, anger and more fear.  She looked around

the bar and listened to the beating hearts. The smell of blood in their veins called to her.


Humans. They had no idea how easy they had it. She had been alive for over six hundred years. Tobias, from what she remembered, was two hundred years younger than her. The twins were going on four hundred years old. However, they weren’t the same. He was a fourth generation guardian, and she was an abomination, or rather, a vampire.

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Facebook ads vs Google Ads

I’m conducting an experiment. Yesterday, March 24, 2016 I boosted a Facebook post on my author page and it’s going to run for two weeks.

Screenshot 2016-03-25 11.24.44.png

Today, I created a Google Adwords ad:

Screenshot 2016-03-25 11.30.19

I am curious which one will work. Through my adventures in writing, I realize the necessary evils of promotion, and this is my attempt at getting noticed.

Writer friends – have you tried anything like this? How did it work for you?

At it again…a new book is coming!

Since launching A Raven’s Touch in December, and then with Pronoun in January, I’ve begun writing the sequel. I do have a title, but I am going to announce that to my Mailing List group first and then a day later to the rest of my fans. Things are looking grim for Justice, Moira, Tom, and Darien. Not only are they on Seliki’s home turf, but things are about to get biblical.


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