Giveaway contest! 5 copies of A Raven’s Touch

Since it’s my birthday on Sunday I’m feeling kinda generous. I want to give away not one, or two, or three, but five copies of A Raven’s Touch!

How to enter?

1. Like my Facebook page and comment on the page that you’d like to win AND mention your Kindle email address.

2. Winners will be chosen at random.

3. Contest ends July 2, 2019

Good luck everyone!




Commencing countdown engines on…

It’s four days until my 40th birthday and I feel like something has finally clicked in. I don’t know if it’s because I’m more comfortable with myself or if it’s because my tolerance of bullpoop has reached its peak. Either way, I feel rather zen about the whole shebang. Forty, this lovely round number that signifies four decades. I was around for the 80s, 90s, 00s, and whatever this 10s is that’s happening right now. That’s soon to be gone too.

Perhaps I’m getting nostalgic that my first introduction to music was on cassettes, and gasp 8-tracks. Or that coke used to come in 1L glass bottles that tasted like liquid magic. Maybe it’s that I used to spend hours enjoying the scratching sound my pen would make as I forced it across a page while I vented my teenage thoughts. I can’t say.

What I can say is that things feel good. I’ve been married for ten years, together for twelve, and I know I’ve found my own happiness with my husband and fur family. Together we are complete; I am complete.

My writing may not ever reach the bestseller lists, but I know I’ve touched the hearts of a few readers and that makes all the difference in the world to me.

Thank you, everyone. Thank you for coming on this ride with me and making my dream come true.

Thank You

Linda Bloodworth Fan Club Naming Contest!

Can I admit a dirty secret to you?

I’ve been an author for five years now and I don’t have a fan club. Shocker, I know.

I’m fairly close to finishing my second book, the long-awaited follow up to A Raven’s Touch and I figure people might want a place to talk about the characters, have some fun and be around like-minded people.

Here’s my dilemma. I have no idea what to call this group. 

That’s where you come in. I’m hoping that someone can help me name this fan club. In addition to my eternal gratitude, the winner will not only have bragging rights but an $8 Amazon gift card sent to your email.

Fan club contest Facebook ad.png

Now, here’s the info you might want to know when brainstorming:

  • My favourite genre of writing is horror/paranormal/fantasy (in the future, possibly time travel/dystopian)
  • I’m a huge fan of the dark and creepy
  • I love strong female characters

– Contest starts June 15th
– Contest ends: July 15th
– Prize: $8 Amazon gift card
– Drop your ideas in the comment section

Thank you to everyone in advance!

How to do a Facebook group take over!

In this blog, I’ll discuss the following:

  1. What is a Facebook takeover party?
  2. How do I do one?
  3. What do I post?

What is a Facebook takeover party?

A Facebook takeover party is pretty simple, it’s a chance for a new author to showcase their work to a new audience. You win, they win, we all win. They can be very simple to do with a little bit of work. The party is usually hosted on a group page, or an event discussion. In the group I run, YA Take Over and Book Buying Group, I prefer that the author does the event IN the group. Why you ask? That way the author can be given admin rights and pre-schedule the posts. If you do the event in the Event page discussion section that’s not possible. Instead, it requires the host to be there and post live. It’s not always possible for someone depending on time zones.

What is the difference? Aren’t they the same thing? No.

This is an event page. See, the discussion tab, this is where you CAN do an event, but you can’t schedule a post here. Also, you can’t control who posts here and sometimes people interfere with the flow of the posts.

Book event page.PNG

This is the group page and this is where the authors can pre-schedule posts. They’re different.

Book buying group.PNG

How do I do a Facebook takeover party?

Well, first understand what is going to happen. The point of this party is for you to introduce yourself to potential new readers. The usual format of the party is to post graphics, games, and prizes. The admin of the page will give you admin rights and you’ll see the admin view. This will allow you to schedule posts.

How to schedule a post:
schedule a post

Click on the write a post option and then on the bottom right-hand part of the post click on the clock. That’s where you can schedule the post.

What do I post?

People love a good party and it’s only as fun as you make it. So, what do you post? There are failsafe categories of posts like graphics, games, and prizes.

Graphics can be made freely and easily using Canva. Canva offers already made options and you can add your book cover, snippets of your story, or create game posts.

Canva.PNGCanva also offers help on how to create a post:
Canva help.PNG

Here’s an example of one I made for A Raven’s Touch:
Justice St. Michales of A Raven's Touch Fighting (1).png

Here are some examples of posts from Rosie Wylor-Owen:


As you can see, it’s great to introduce yourself and then launch into a game, then perhaps one with a prize, and posts about your book. It’s really not hard at all, just takes a little bit of work to create the graphics.

Then when you schedule all the posts ahead of time you can sit back and answer the comments that the participants make.

The flow should follow this path:

  • Introduction post
  • Game #1 – ask a question
  • A teaser about your book (quotes, characters, cover)
  • Game with a prize – ask people to post a GIF, $3 or $5 Amazon gift card (whatever amount you want)
  • Mention your social links (blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.,)
  • Game #2 – complete this sentence, predictive text
  • More teasers
  • Game with a prize – ask a question – free ebook
  • Wrap up with your social links and ask them to follow you

Get creative, have fun, and most of all make your posts visual. Just think of what you’d respond to and go with that. You can do whatever you want, it’s up to you, just make it interesting.

Closer and closer we go

So where were we? I’ve completed the final round of edits from my editor and now I’m showing A Raven’s Revenge to a few choice beta readers. Right now, the word count is around 52,000 and I feel like that’s a far cry from my first book, A Raven’s Touch, which clocked in at 104,000. Perhaps it’s because I’ve become a ‘better’ writer? Or that I’m interested in only telling the direct story? I’m not sure. Either way, this is what I’ve done and I accept that.

Writing this story wasn’t the easiest, but hey, is it ever? Whenever I felt like I wasn’t going to finish and believe me there were a few times, I kept going for the sake of my characters. I absolutely love them. I want to live in their world, I want to hang out with them, I totally want to wake up in Fallingbrook.

Many of the reviews asked for the second book and that simple request made me realize people actually want to know because they care about the characters. If I don’t do another thing in my life I know I’ve at least achieved the best compliment I can get; people like what I’m doing. That’s something I didn’t really count on happening. I write for myself and the fact that I can pick up a few other fellow weirdos along the way, well, yay! Hop on board!

Image result for good advice quotes

I suppose this is a rambling realization that things are good even when I don’t think they are and I’m too hard on myself. Good lessons to learn.

Guess who isn’t dead and other fun news

Yeah, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, good news, I’m not dead! Other good news, I’ve signed up for Kindle Select which means A Raven’s Touch is FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited.

Super exciting, non?

But Wait Theres More GIF - ButWaitTheresMore GIFs

More? What could be more exciting you ask? Drum roll please,

Drumroll GIF - Drumroll Drum Roll GIFs

I’m *THIS* close to finishing A Raven’s Touch’s sequel, A Raven’s Revenge.

Nice Moves GIF - Sisters AmyPoehler MauraEllis GIFs

Yeah, I am totally excited about that. Looks like I’ll get my final edits back from my editor in two weeks or so and I’ll make the changes right away (instead of sitting on my ass about it). I *may* go to another editor just to double check things because I’m crazy like that.

I’m aiming to have the book ready for purchase for Halloween or June for my birthday. We’ll see what happens.

Book sale! Breed by Niki Cluff

Who doesn’t like a good book sale?

Breed will be on sale Feb 25th thru March 1, 2019

BREED is a YA Dystopian that depicts a comet hurtling towards earth. Kyle Singer leaves home when offered the opportunity to save earth from an impending comet, but the government program isn’t what she expects and she finds herself a candidate in a breeding program.

The book was released through EvernightTeen last year.

Pick up Breed here:

Check out Niki’s website here:
Follow her on Instagram:@nikicluff_books
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