Female characters

Today I went over what I’ve already written and decided to fill in some back story. I find that most stories now are very flat and don’t offer a well rounded character. Specifically, this is the case with female leads. Not to harp on the success authors have had with weak female characters, this not only is a load of bull, but gives girls a false impression that this is acceptable.

If I read one more paragraph where a female character bites her lower lip, or talks poorly about herself, or just thinks she’s some mousey no one I will indeed pick out the closest persons eye with an ice pick.

What happened to strong female characters? Is this a reflection of the collective psyche? I hope not.

My main character is named Justice, she’s no one’s fool and she won’t be made one. I refuse to have her be needy, whiny, or dependent in any fashion. I hope this will be appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Female characters

  1. Oh, strong female characters… they are so rare, and so misrepresented. The only “strong” female characters I’ve met lately either acted like men, or were simply jaded bitches who were deemed tough simply because they swore more than they whined. Ugh.

    I sure hope to see more female characters who are strong because they’re being themselves and trusting their own judgement and strengths, instead of relying on outside sources for a sense of self-worth and a meaning in life. 🙂

  2. My gripe is when female characters are introduced as strong, but by the end of the story are terrified victims needing to be rescued by a man. I’m looking at you, Hollywood.

  3. You know I don’t think there is anything with the women in books being realistic. My girls can chew on their lips and feel freaked out, if it is a reasonable state of being for the situation.

    It’s perfectly acceptable to lock the doors and hide under your bed when you find out the guy you’ve been sleeping with the last six months is a Werewolf and the stray dog you’ve been feeding in your backyard is his brother. Who wouldn‘t? The key is in how they handle themselves when they crawl out from under the bed.

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