The writing process

I’ve asked people, “how do you write, what exactly is it that you do?”, only to hear a mishmash of replies. I have yet to meet two authors who write in the same fashion. I suppose this is to be expected, however, for research purposes this makes a rather nasty looking chart and provides incoherent results.

The best answer, of course, is however you see fit. If you wish to write while blasting heavy metal music, or dictating into a recording/typing device, or on cocktail bar napkins; what ever works best.

The fear of the blank screen/paper is universal. Just the thought of not having a thought is enough to make most writers cringe. The day the muse runs dry is a fearful one indeed.

The entire process of writing is quite mad when you look at it on a whole. Here is an idea, “bing”, it pops into your head, or slithers, or crawls; what have you. Then, you begin to record it, as best you can in some fashion, write it up a dozen times or so, show it to some people; they make a fuss about it, and back it goes into the re-writing process until it is shiny and palatable for consumption/consumers.

One may spend an entire lifetime simply going through the tinkering/re-writing process and never materialize a complete work. Mind you, the same can be said for most obsessive compulsives on any topic.

Whereever you create, what ever process you endure, the main focus is that you do put idea to paper and express.

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