Writing turning point

The other day I hit that moment where everything clicked. I added a scene that changed the whole story and it just worked so well that I was surprised I hadn’t thought of it sooner. Thankfully I had my “eureka” moment.

The beauty of these kinds of moments, is they occur as if they are plucked out of the air and it feels like magic concocted in my head. Perhaps if I actually plotted my story then I wouldn’t struggle so much, but I feel it dilutes my creativity as I truly do not like to have a set motion plan, it makes me feel restricted, even if I am the one planning it. Yes, I realize how silly that sounds, but I find I create better when I allow my writing to be an organic process.

Amazing how one change reverberates through out the rest of the story and really bring into focus the possibilities ahead.

Exciting times indeed.

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