Ideal writing spaces

Sometimes I think about the ideal writing spaces, where I’d like to write and under what conditions. I enjoy this software I downloaded on my computer that makes my keyboard sound like an old fashioned typewriter. I squealed with delight when I first installed it and tried it out typing as fast as I could to hear the clackity-clack-clack-clack-ping noise. Oh, this was a delight and joy. I was even thinking to myself, I wish someone would invent a keyboard that attaches to an iPad and they did – it really exists:

How pompous would you look pulling this out while stranded in an airport terminal. I do seriously love the idea of it though. The combination of something old and something new astounds me and gives me great joy.

If I had one of these, next, I’d like an office with porcelain walls. Yes, I’d like an office that looks exactly like a posh bathroom. I think it could be done, in fact, I’m very sure it could be done given the fact that if you have money anything is possible.

Perhaps something like this:

Ideally, I would prefer there be a window as well that I could look out onto a garden. Perhaps an English garden all crazy and beautiful, but manicured at the same time. Maybe it’s that I enjoy chaos and order in a ying/yang kind of way.

Ah, if only.


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