Going backwards to go forward

This week I’m going through what I’ve already written to tighten up some parts, add more  dialog, and give my story a general overhaul. I hate that I am not pushing forward with the story in general, but I think before I hit 23,000 words I ought to invest in a bit of a ‘look see’. That’s a professional word for editing.

The wonderful part about writing is that this all comes from a brain. That fact that somehow neurons attach to other parts and thought is a result really floors me.

Seriously, this is exactly what I look like after I can’t comprehend something, aren’t those bows darling?

Overall, I hate to think of the disservice to my story by not completing a thorough review of what I’ve written so far. I’m sure I will go over the story, oh, at least 20 more times before I let another person review it. Even then I’ll probably be shaking my head wondering how many grammar mistakes I may have made. Sigh. One can only push so far until an editor raises a hand and a blessed hand that is.

Until then I’m going to go back to give myself mental clarity to go forward.


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