Writing around in circles

The more I write, the more I re-read and the more I go back to edit. A vicious circle that I have to stop. I’m up to 24,300 words right now and I am ecstatic by having written this much in the first place.

I can imagine that all writers face this issue. I’m too caught up in the fact that I want to correct/edit what I currently have and I can’t bring myself to advance the plot because I don’t think it will be interesting? Or I can’t really envision what is going to happen next? Not sure.

The only real way to know is go plod forward. There’s a funny word; plod. It makes me think of being slow, laboriously slow and moving oneself in a shifty sort of manner. What a wondrous word. Hhm…

Will plod be the spark to move me forward? The irony is so delicious. I shall see what comes of this. I am thankful for the spoken whiteboard that is a blog. Who knew this method of talking to oneself would arise in an interesting train of thought? Narcissism, thy name is writer.


5 thoughts on “Writing around in circles

  1. It is a vicious cycle. I did JuNoWriMo this summer and the point of doing 50,000 words in a month is you don’t have time to fall into the cycle–you have to keep writing without editing or you’ll never hit your goal. I learned a lot from the experience, plus editing is far more effective with a fresh mind. The MS I’m editing now I finished back in January, and the JuNoWriMo novel, which still hasn’t undergone a single edit, is tucked away for a few months until I’m ready to approach it fresh.
    There will probably be some big gaps or plot holes that you’ll have to go back and fix when you finally edit–you forgot something had happened, or you add something new and you need to edit another chapter to compensate, but that can all be done later in the process. Just get your ideas out and don’t worry about it. It’ll come together in the end I promise. 🙂

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