Dumbing down of novels today

To keep abreast of trends I’m reading popular books. Sometimes, what’s popular doesn’t jive with my own taste, but I figure this is part of research. Unfortunately, the YA Paranormal genre is full of disappointing stories. Perhaps this is due to super saturation and demand? It makes me question things such as:

A) The publisher – how can the put out subpar writing?
B) Is this the best the author could do?
C) People are willing to accept this standard

Sometimes I wonder if we’re heading down the route depicted in Idiocracy:

This disturbs me on a great deal. I don’t understand why these three points are the norm, especially the last one, why are people standing for this and asking for more? As soon as one crappy book becomes popular ten more are rushed to feed that need. I suppose that there is a market for everything, but it looks like the poorly written books are being highlighted far too often.

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