Word count and plot development

I actually took a day off from writing as I want to focus on organizing the plot. So far my novel as 31, 500 words and I have set myself a goal of reaching 35K by Friday Sept. 21, 2012. I know I can do it if I try, but I also am at the point of realizing I need to check myself before I wreck myself. Yes, yes I said it.

Perhaps this button says it even better:
Looks about right. I love good geeky humour, really makes me actually laugh out loud, more so than I believe most people do when they type LOL.

With great word count comes great responsibility. I am in a quoting mood (as you can see). I want to make sure I’m not needlessly writing and that the plot is actually moving forward. I think I actually am frightened a bit to write more versus what I’ve been doing, going over what I already have, I don’t know if the story is going to be strong enough to carry forward, thus the plot charting.

I do my plot charting in a visual way, I story board every thing, almost like what a director does for a movie. I write visually, might as well do scenes as they are in my head and draw them out. Perhaps it’s the film studies class I took in high school that really stuck with me, or the fact that I watch WAY too many movies, but this appeals to me.

Let’s see what happens shall we? Yes, let’s.


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