The “Look” Challenge

I love a good challenge. My Twitter friend Felicia Wetzig, aka @SCOTZIG has issued me the “Look” Challenge.

As Fel explains on her blog, the Look Challenge is as such, to “find the word “look” in your WIP and post the paragraphs.”

Here is where “look” occurs in my WIP:

Mental note, don’t forget to pick up some bandages, maybe some kind of cotton gloves to stop breaking the skin all together? I don’t think I can take one more night of this.

I look in the mirror and see bags under my eyes. Time for a little cover up today, can’t have too many questions if I’m sleeping right. As I start to look for my make up case there’s a knock at the bathroom door.

“Knock, knock, Justice you decent?”

“Hi mom, yeah, come in.”

Melissa St. Michales, all five foot two of her, blue eyes glowing and a wide smile. Like a magician, she produces my hair dryer from behind her back.

“Ta da! If you’re looking for your hair dryer here it is, sorry, mine broke.”

She hands the dryer to me like a bouquet of flowers.

“Ah, thanks!”

I smile completely having forgotten that I should have been looking for it. For a minute our eyes connect and she steps forward to hold my chin.

“Are you sleeping well Justice? You look really tired.”

Her eyes search mine for the truth.

“Just reading mom, have to make those grades, right?”

Her eyes narrow and I know she doesn’t believe me, but doesn’t press the issue.

“You better get a move on, your dad has to be on site shortly. I’ll see you at five tonight. Love you my baby girl.” she says kissing the top of my head.

“I’m almost eighteen, not a baby in the slightest.” I pout.

“You’ll always be my baby.” She coos.

With a turn in her step she leaves my room and I can hear her go down the stairs. Turning to the hair dryer I knew I had all of five minutes to use it, run to my closet and try to make myself presentable. I always hated the noise of the hair dryer, like having a hot jumbo jet next to my ear. While I run my fingers through my hair my mind drifts.

Wish this wasn’t such a simple scene, but there you have it. Everyone needs a blow dryer now and then, part of every normal life, but underneath that normalcy my character is just a bit jumpy, nervous and trying to hide something from her mother. Isn’t every teenager like that? For the most part yes, but not when the secret physically changes your body and there’s a dead guy after you.

Thanks Fel, I enjoyed this, I appreciate the interest in my WIP.

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