Toronto Writer in Residence Program – Accepted manuscript

I did it – I have been accepted to meet with a published author for the Toronto public library’s Writer in Residence program!

What does this mean exactly?

It means the people screening the manuscripts read through a lot, I’m going to assume more than 100, and they decided on a few lucky people to meet with the WIR for 50 minutes to discuss the candidate’s (me!) current work in progress. I nearly let out a yip over the phone when the gentleman from the library called me to tell me. I did not expect to get a place.

This was my exact physical reaction: 

This is the second time I have been lucky enough to get into such a program as a candidate and I am going to use this time to discuss the novel I’m working on. I cannot express the excitement I felt during that phone call. To know that I was selected on merit and talent was incredible to hear.

My appointment is on November 2nd and I am preparing myself to hear a few negative things. I mean who can write a perfect story the first time? I am looking forward to the direction and helpful suggestions from the author. I really cannot wait. I will be a happy lady all week waiting for Friday.

I highly suggest checking in with your local library to see if there is a Writer in Residence program as such near you. It’s priceless to hear the advice of an accomplished writer talk about your story.


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