Writer in Residence Follow Up

I had my meeting with a local published author to go over the first twenty pages of my manuscript. It was a lovely meeting and I certainly realized a lot about my writing after speaking to someone else about it. Funny how you don’t realize your quirks until someone else points them out. I almost felt like I was back in school with my English teacher, but this was actually fun. Her points were very clear and I really appreciate the helpful hints she mentioned to add to the story and clean it up.

Needless to say I am going to make quite a few corrections and all for the sake of improving the plot and character development. I was very touched that she liked my writing, that alone made me incredibly happy and honoured. I haven’t had an easy path in terms of having support for my writing, in fact it’s been quite the opposite from those in my family, so to have this kind of validation was incredibly uplifting.

I allowed myself a “Yay me!” moment when I left the office and did a little celebratory fist pump.

I am so grateful for these kinds of programs. I feel I should write a thank you letter to the library for doing these things. Who knows what kind of wonderful writers this kind of program helps.

In summation a good time was had by all. I have a lot of work to do in general, but this really helped me focus.


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