Where do I start where do I begin?

One of my favourite stories is Alice in Wonderland. Who can resist such a delightful, crazy, wild adventure? The image below is what I have as my wallpaper on my iPad, I find it very inspirational.

Just like Alice writers have to make a decision as to where they’re going with the story, but if you don’t really know then I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

Currently, I’ve written the halfway point of my story’s pivotal plot line three times now. I think I’ve got it going on the path I like. It’s funny how when you’re writing you think you’re going one way and then you realize that’s not at all what you want to do. As a result, you ball up your idea (figuratively, I don’t actually write things on paper these days) and soldier on another idea comes to mind.

Sometimes I feel like I’m plucking ideas out of the air and writing them given to me by some invisible muse.

Every time I feel like I’m not sure of which direction to take I think of this Alice quote and take a deep breath.

I also listen to a lot of music when writing and when I take a break from the music that helps me write. I classify music into two groups: 1) Music to write to 2) Music to chill to

This song by the Chemical Brothers is the latter:

Very mellow and relaxing and inspirational at the same time. Always puts me in a good mood to create and get the creative flow moving.


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