Who needs sleep?

Lately I find I have been incredibly excited; too excited to sleep. What is the cause of this excitement you ask? My story. I am being bombarded with ideas, plot direction changes, character additions/reductions, and an overall sense of urgency. Sometimes the words just fly and I can barely get them out before I find I’ve spit out 1,000 or so words. Other times I feel like I get drips and drabs of say 200 words.

Underneath the feeling remains – keep going. Like The Supremes said, “I’ve got this burning, burning, yearning feeling inside me/Ooh, deep inside me and it hurts so bad.”

The only difference is this love isn’t going anywhere, it’s settled very deep inside and (yet another quote) “can only be seen by the eyes of the blind.”

Yes, this feeling isn’t new, it’s been with me for a long time, but finally it’s decided to be a little louder and is forcing my hand; a burn I’m happy to take.

The only issue is lack of sleep. I have to exhaust myself to actually fall asleep. I’ve been going to bed at 2 am and waking up feeling fine at 7 am. I hope this doesn’t go on for the duration of my writing process. I’m still on a high of sorts that I’m half way there and I’m almost tasting victory, but this might take a toll soon, I’m not sure what form it will be. Perhaps falling asleep at a not so great time? I’ll just have to find out.


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