UK vs US spelling

As I’m going through my WIP, all 54K of it, I realize that I am going to edit out all the Canadian/UK spellings of certain words. Though I don’t think it’s really a big deal if flavour is spelled with a “u”; I also don’t want to run the chance of turning off or weirding out some readers.

JK Rowling has a US version of the HP books and I wonder what percentage of readers bothered to go find the UK versions? Would things be so different for the reader? Clearly the characters are English, and their idioms are quite different, but does this kind of editing change the characters?

In my instance, I don’t think it will matter, but I suppose I’m being a bit of a baby in terms of spelling. Somewhat odd for me to not have the spelling I’m used to.

*Shoulder shrug*

I suppose it won’t really matter when the royalty cheques come in. (One day.)

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