Scene from my WIP: Justice meets Darien

I’ve been trying to think of a fantastic way for my main character to meet her love interest. Little does she know who he is when she meets him for the first time. I’ve re-written this scene a few times and don’t want to go on and on as that takes away from the impact.

Here’s that moment:

I turn to face pale skin, wavy blond hair past his ears and green eyes with gold rims that are so bright. My lips part as I take in a deep breath. If he was a drink I would have taken a big sip. I’m stunned by his beauty. There’s no way he can be a student, the maturity in his face is unlike anyone at school. He looks to be my age, but something about those eyes tells me otherwise.

At his full height he towers over me, even with my height, I am up to his shoulder. Close to my face, he leans down and a clean smell hits me. The forest emanates from him, like fresh cut pine. In my peripheral I notice, his jacket is beyond old school.  I can’t look away from his intense look nor move my mouth to formulate words. The small hairs on my neck stand up. Tingles are setting off alarms all over my body.  Slowly, he covers my hand with his and electricity shoots through the both of us. His eyes twinkle and he smiles like he knows me.

“I finally found you.”

No doubt I will re-do this a few times, but this is what I have right now.


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