Writing and writing and re-writing again

I’ve been writing my WIP for a year now and I only became serious six months ago and since then I’ve managed to write 57K. I often feel that the more I forge ahead, the more I have to look back and make sure the new part is consistent with the old part. Then inspiration hits me and I’m back to tinkering in the old part making things more than one dimensional. At least, that is what I hope I’m doing, I’m trying very hard to make sure I am not over writing.

It’s a strange cycle this whole writing process. It seems the further I go along in my story, the more I look back, the more I look back, the more I write to add to it. Somewhat like an unfinished painting. Perhaps the story needs more of this, no wait, now this, oh, is this a quilt or is this a story?

I am terrified of being reviewed like the typical YA novel I read about Goodreads. The main complaint I see is:

a) the story is poorly edited,
b) the writing level is that of a child and
c) the characters are stupid/flat/boring

There are so many ways to inject life into characters, give them a personality, some fun, even a sense of humour! I find the more I white-board my ideas and refer to my character profiles I am able to write them as individuals versus stereotypical characters.

I am aware that people might feel the angel character is over done. I think it’s really a matter of people seeing that type of character done so poorly versus done well. I will never turn away a good story even though the idea has been done before.

Guess what – nothing is new!

A good author will try to make it new, despite having been done before, I hope I can qualify in this area.

My hope is that by this time next year I will be finished and probably end up around 120K words. Fingers crossed, let’s see what happens.

2 thoughts on “Writing and writing and re-writing again

  1. Came looking for a new post, so I thought I’d just take a dip in your archives. I can totally relate to the fact that the more you get into a story the more you see that you need to add. I guess this is because each new page brings discoveries, about the story, your characters. I’ve come to realise that even though it feels bad, it’s actually a sign that we are getting deeper into the story, finding more out, which can only mean a more finished end product.

    • Hi Gabriel,
      Thanks for checking in! Always nice to see someone else going through the same thing. I agree, it is a worthy activity to do while writing, and it really does round out the characters/story. It always surprises me when some ideas come bounding out of no where and take up a few thousand words.

      Much appreciated!

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