Happy New Year 2013!

Hope everyone had a lovely night and now waking up to a fresh start. New Year’s Day is always a fantastic one. People are so optimistic, joining gyms, and thinking about making positive changes. Usually around March those gyms thin out and people go back to being their humdrum selves the spark snuffed out.

It’s hard to be motivated and things certainly get in the way, but one has to realize that is really how humans work. It’s almost as if we set ourselves up for failure. I’m sure there are copious studies on this, I’m not a therapist by any means, but it’s just an observation throughout the years.

I can honestly say that my writing is the one thing I have been constant with. If only I did as many pushups as pages I’ve written. I might have to start doing that.

It is my dearest wish that everyone has a stellar 2013 and that wishes come true.


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