The Peasants Revolt – My Year in Review

In a previous post, I mentioned that I am particpating in a Blog Hop hosted by my friend Fel. She has asked that the participants “Look back at your work from January 2012–blog posts, stories, poetry, etc. – and find something you’d like to share.” I haven’t been blogging for that long, so I thought I’d write something instead.

Hopefully I won’t blather on.

It all started in December of last year. I felt a niggling that I must do something. That tiny feeling became a roar that I could not deny. I had previously written a novel in high school. The caliber of writing between my teenage self and now mid thirties self just wasn’t the same.

My writing didn’t become serious until May of 2012 where I found I was writing a few thousand words a day. I realized that if I was going to do this I had to actually write more than 50 words a day.

I’ve used this blog to mark my word count achievements and to express my thoughts on the writing process. It amazes me to see the progress that I’ve made despite not having copious amounts of time to write. Usually, during the week I only have one hour a day. Sometimes during the weekend I will have two hours. In that time I’ve managed to climb towards a healthy word count.

A few months ago I was lucky enough to have been chosen for a Writer in Residence program where a local author reads through manuscripts (the first 20 pages) and offers a critique. This was incredibly helpful and touching as they only met with authors they felt had any talent. This knowledge really a) flattered me and b) gave me hope.

Sometimes hope is a dangerous thing, it can be false just as much as it can be true. In a selfish way, I hope the talent the author saw in me was real.

Looking back at my blog posts, I see the excitement level from 10K, onwards and I can delight in a third-party kind of way to see the progress.

Last night I broke 60K and added a whole new element that I didn’t see coming. I’ve written before about ideas and how they confound me. Where is it in the brain, this strange grey matter that resides in our heads that speaks to the imagination to create? How do the neurons travelling through the brain equal an idea? It seriously confuses me and I think myself rather dull for not being able to comprehend the way this works. Neuroscience was not my major in college.

See, now I am blethering.

My year in review has been fantastic. I have thoroughly enjoyed this writing journey and meeting all the sincere people who have crossed my path. The combination of a strong will to write with supportive people makes for a very pleasant experience indeed.

Thank you Fel for having asked me to share and thank you for reading.

Have a celebratory New Year and may 2013 be wonderous.

8 thoughts on “The Peasants Revolt – My Year in Review

    • You’re most welcome Fel. I am happy to do so! I too enjoy getting to know you and it’s fantastic to interact with someone else doing the same thing. I really appreciate the camaraderie. 😉

  1. Linda, isn’t the brain an amazing organ? Who knows what kind of literary magic is skulking in the crenellations of gray matter. Sights, scents, sounds all sensed by different areas of our brain, but when we write we tap into them all so our work can come alive! Have a fantastic New Year!

    • Millie, great way to summarize what I was thinking. I totally agree, it boggles my mind that we’re able to have such a gift that is life to experience so many things at once we often take for granted. Happy New Year indeed! 🙂

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