I got $20 in my pocket

I went to a thrift store this weekend (found a lovely coat that I washed and you really would never know where it came from) and I couldn’t help but sing this song in my head:

My good news hasn’t come down the pipe yet, but I still have my fingers crossed. I’ve been preoccupied with thinking about this that I haven’t been writing a great deal, but it also comes at a time where my story has changed as well.

I get to these points in the plot where the rising action peaks and some rumbling goes down, then there’s the aftermath. If I was to chart my story, there would be a series of spikes in activity where the rising action keeps going up and down in a spikey sort of way. I can’t imagine reading a story where there aren’t a few ups and downs. Who wants to read a story where nothing happens and then there’s one big explosion or reveal.


Maybe it’s my ADD talking, but I enjoy a series of events to add fuel to the fire. A good case of “Dun, dun, dunnnn!” never hurts.

I’m slightly jittery really until I hear about the news, but no news is good news.

Fingers crossed.



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