Locks and other fine objects

Part of my story involves a key and a lock. For once, it’s the male MC who has the lock and the female MC has the key. I find myself thinking about what this key looks like and what Darien’s male cuff lock looks like.  Try saying that fast. “Male cuff locks looks like.” Sounds somewhat dirty really. Funny thing, it’s all rather harmless and cute.

I found this image and thought – bingo! This is exactly what it should look like. Something worn and rustic, but clearly masculine. Please ignore the fact that I look up recipes and run my iPad till it’s dead. I’m horrible for noticing these things. Why should I when I can always charge it up again, right? Ah, I digress.


I also came about a romantic lock and key, which really attracted the girl in me, as this clearly is useless as a lock, but how cute! Yes, sometimes I squeal with delight in real life and find myself looking around to make sure no one really heard me.





I have a fascination with skeleton keys, I find they are a forgotten relic of an era gone by, they probably open some interesting doors/boxes. At least I hope they do.

This key really turns my crank:

How cool is this?! Excuse me while I geek out here. It has wings, some circle pattern thingy (yes, this is very technical) and an apple of all things? Whatever, this is cool in my books. It would be corny if it was a heart, but maybe it symbolizes the fall of paradise re: Adam & Eve? Hhhm…or I am just reading way too much into it. Either way, I am digging it. I would like my book cover to have the cuffs and a key as such. I really don’t want to have two characters gazing longingly into each other’s eyes, like they’re going to suck some major face, or be disgustingly lovely dovey. My MC Justice is not like that, in fact it takes a lot for the male MC character to even give him a chance.

Sure sappy love it cute, but really, it’s not how things often happen. Besides, the world does not need another weak willed character, no, some ass kicking is in order thank you.


2 thoughts on “Locks and other fine objects

  1. Keys are fascinating. From the old and ornate to the small simple ones, they pose many questions if you find one on the street. Who did it belong to? What does it unlock? Many great stories have been built around keys. Love the cuff lock!

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