Getting there

Through my writing journey I have spent many hours thinking, humming and hawing, fussing about and finally writing. It’s odd to think in a few months I may be done with all this. I can see the end and it’s nigh. I’m already thinking of the second book and how it will be completely different than the first.

Like a long distance runner who can see the finish line, I’m preparing mentally for when that day comes and how I cannot allow myself to be disappointed that the race is over.

I suppose people have some sort of relief, phew, the race was won feeling. I doubt I will, but who knows. I can’t say that honestly just yet. Still, I’d like to break 100K. I know I can’t be bogged down with numbers, it will all be a wash in the editing. Ah, the editing. Who can live without their work being hacked and sawed into fragments? Sigh.

I’m very sure the editor I work with will be understanding and help more than anything. The race never really is over, now is it, always something.

Back to the keyboard, back to the whiteboard, back to the writing.


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