Climbing that mountain – 79, 516 words at a time

I’m getting there. I’m actually very close and I can almost see the end of the story on the horizon. It makes me giddy and frightened at the same time. I want to celebrate, but I have grown so close to my characters I hate to stop having my daily conversations with them. I suppose that means onto book two already!

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 2.50.09 PM

I’ve asked many authors how many words do you consider a novel and I’ve received answers ranging from 50,000 to 120,000. I’m thinking I might have another 10,000 words left till it’s over. I like to think I’m in the middle range of a good length. I really wanted to hit the 100K mark, but not sure if I will. It’s an ego thing I suppose and I have to keep that in check. Story telling is an art, not a word count race. For the sake of my characters  and the story I will not bloat them to reach a fantasy figure I have in mind. The characters are not my puppets, they are my means of expression and I love each of them enough to not exploit them.

Let’s see what happens.


One thought on “Climbing that mountain – 79, 516 words at a time

  1. I can appreciate your sense of sadness from a reader’s perspective – I love the Halo video game series, and I also love the associated sci-fi books. I just finished the last of the three books in the Forerunner Saga (titled Silentium). It was by far the best of the three books, and I purposely took almost two months to finish reading it (I wanted to savor the experience). I realized that I would miss reading about these characters, and their stories. Fortunately, I can look forward to other Halo books (which aren’t written nearly quickly enough to suit me, lol). You have the right idea; just consider the first book to be just the first chapter of many. In that way, you know that these characters and their lives will continue to be in your life. I admire what you do as an author, and I look forward to reading your work.

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