Until you give yourself to him

I have been listening to the Donnie Darko soundtrack through this last part of the book and hot damn it is heating things up. All of a sudden my main female lead cannot keep her hands off her un-dead boyfriend. Why should she, she’s going to face the unknown, literally going through Hell and hopefully back. What teenager can resist a good make out session complete with pelvic thrusts while fully clothed? I am trying to keep this PG.

Dialogue from my MC Darien: “If I had a heart it would beat for you.” Ahh. Is it wrong to be in love with your characters? Honestly. I am a big dork. I know this.

I’m 83, 600 words deep and I think it’s going to be just shy of 100,000 before I finish. Maybe more if I throw in that dream sequence scene. Oh man. Half of me wants to just finish, half of me wants to go on, and a third of me is really wondering where I’m going to come up with the money for editing? The things we do for our art.


5 thoughts on “Until you give yourself to him

  1. Even if it’s tempting to just finish I’d advise you to carry on until you think it reaches a natural end. Once you have the words down, you have the option to edit them back out later if you chnage your mind about them.

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