Kiss me till I can’t breathe

Is it a look, a touch, a sound that compels us to act in a way that is even surprising to the doer? Can something so simple cause an action to change and re-direct into a completely different result? Sometimes we are in situations we never expected, never saw coming, and somehow we grasped the moment and rode it. Rode that moment so hard it became an over the top movie moment complete with fireworks and a burning passionate kiss. Passion, passion, passion exploded and climaxed.

These moments grasp me, hold me tight and shake the living hell out of me. When I write, emotions go wild and I find myself holding my breath until I finish a paragraph. The effort that goes into my writing isn’t any less valid than a business plan. I am creating a certain art form, images in people’s heads, an emotional connection that is stronger than any number can be. Words are weapons and I have to be careful not to hurt.

My characters are strong willed and so very real to me. I would love to spend time with them. I hope when people read my story they feel it too.


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