Editing: An evaluation of what the hell you’re doing

One of my favourite movies is Rushmore. I can totally relate to Max Fisher. Who can’t? Odd kid at school, writes a lot, tries hard and feels awkward; what’s not to like? Oh, he’s a bit of a dolt at some points, but isn’t everyone?

One scene that gets me is where Max asks his older tycoon friend if he was in the Vietnam war.

Max Fischer: So you were in Vietnam?
Herman Blume: Yeah.
Max Fischer: Were you in the shit?
Herman Blume: Yeah, I was in the shit.


This scene makes me feel for the characters and adds a level of depth to the characters. I hope I can write these kind of scenes.

I’m currently going over my story and notes from Beta readers. I have two scenes I don’t know how to explain and I know critics will tear me a new one if I don’t explain them. I can just see it now, “So, your character time travels? Really? How do you explain this dream sequence!?” Sigh.

I can’t throw a temper tantrum over two scenes, but hot damn I am slightly worried. I think it’s just the fact that something was pointed out to me and I don’t know how to fix it. I am grateful that it was caught, but I didn’t expect this. More to think about for sure.

Before the end of the month is over I’ll have the comments of the other two Betas and I bet I’ll have a lot more to think about then as well. Thank goodness for them, I don’t know what I would do without them.

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