Further down the rabbit hole

Things are looking up! I recently had a personal incident where my safety was compromised. Don’t fret, I’m perfectly fine now, but I did have a few sleepless nights. I did get back on track and thanks to a few Beta readers I am even closer to perfecting my story. I don’t know how anyone can write a story without a good Beta. I currently have feedback from one of the four I’ve given my PDF to. I’ve had a change of heart for a few scenes based on their comments and I think it’s all for the better good of the story. I won’t give into every suggestion, but I’ve been having a very good time with this. I’ve never had this kind of feedback, mainly due to my terrible fear of letting someone read my stories.

The more I look at the story, the more I see things differently and I think this is nothing but good. I’ve been down a long path to get to this point and I feel nothing but happiness. I’ve waiting a good long time to get this story out. Shoot, I was 14 when I first started writing this. I am horrible at math, for some reason I thought 10 years, it’s been 20! I will be 34 at the end of the month. Goodness time goes by quickly.

Alice in Wonderland is one of my utmost favourite stories. I really do feel like I’m going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole with each new comment and revision. I’m all smiles and I cannot wait to have the final product in my hand. Soon!


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