Beta writers and climbing that mountain: Why I write

I have received feedback from at least four beta readers and I am so impressed with things they’ve picked up.

Right now my home situation is a bit up in the air as we’re going to move back to where we originally moved from. Goodbye old house, back to the city and back to condo living. Frankly, I don’t feel safe and sometimes my mind wanders. Of course, only a writer would think of the most horrid situations. I am going to enjoy driving out from an undercover garage during the winter and not having to shovel/dig my way out. 

Either way, it feels like just as I started to settle in things go topsy again. Oh well, such as life, time to put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

My form of dealing with it will be listening to my betas, respecting that some of them are serious writers and they know the pitfalls that comes with writing a novel. I am not going to be that writer who thinks they know it all, I am going to make sure I follow through and incorporate their knowledge into my art. After all, a beta only wants the best for you and they sincerely are trying to help. Their comments and suggestions as stern as some of them may be – they come from a good place.

Such fantastic people to take time out of their lives to help me work on my dream. That is astounding to me. I’ve never had such support with my creative endeavours. It makes my heart swell to think that people a) give a shit and b) want to see me succeed.

I come from a family that doesn’t respect the arts very much and is strictly necessity based. Many times I heard, “Don’t do that, it won’t make you any money. Don’t bother, you’re not qualified, you don’t know anything about this.” ACTUALLY – while you’ve been pushing me down with an oppressive thumb, I’ve been working at night, I’ve been educating myself and yes, I do know a thing or two. How do you you like them apples?

When my story is finally ready and I have the final copy in my hot little hands I am going to cry. Cry with joy and an unspeakable happiness that my dream has come true and I’ve remained strong to who I am. No matter what came at me, I did this, I made it happen; I succeeded where others told me I would fail.

That drive and determination has been pushing me, like a boxer facing a tough match, I am going to come out swinging and my own spirit is going to punch through. I will not give up on my dream. My voice may have been small in the beginning, but it will be a lion’s roar when I am done and it will be heard.


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