Editing: Mending the pieces of my broken heart

Okay, I’m officially done reading all the comments from all of my Beta readers. Whoa Nelly am I going to be a while to fix this mishmash story of mine. I admit there are plot holes the size of a Fiat and some of the characters lose their essence half way through – this is totally my own doing and I know this. The point of a first draft is to write and to get it all out. I knew there were parts I’d have to fix and they were glaring/cringe worthy to the readers. Sigh.

No one wants to be told their writing is sub par, but hey, I’m not going to deny it either. The Big Girl Panties are officially on and I can’t be ignorant of my mistakes. As much as I want things to happen, I have forced certain situations, which really should have come more natural; this is something I will address.

I suppose knowing these errors is half the battle. I am grateful for the few compliments I was given and the fact that they did mention I have talent. Those words enough will fuel me to go through this momentous/monstrous task ahead of me. I will not fall apart and I will mend the pieces of my ‘broken’ heart.

Time to dig deep, cut the proverbial vein and blood let a few litres.


11 thoughts on “Editing: Mending the pieces of my broken heart

  1. Just remember, you wrote a book. That is not something very many people say they have accomplished. It is an amazing feat in and of itself. The fact that you are willing to listen to your beta readers and go back and work on the story shows that you are not willing to put something out there that you aren’t proud of. While it is difficult to hear anything other than I totally loved it, because let’s be honest the book becomes like a child to you… don’t bash my kid…. LOL, it is good that you have honest people there to tell you what works and what doesn’t. ❤ Keep your writing chin up and know that this next round you will mend those plot holes so brilliantly that the betas won't know what hit them! Good Luck!

    Michelle Graves

    • Thank you Michelle! I am just being a big baby. I totally respect the Betas and I know they are only trying to help, which is exactly what I need.

  2. Awww L! I know it’s hard, but embrace the critiques. Hold them closer to your heart than the compliments for it is the things that hurt the most that will make you a stronger writer. You also need to know, you aren’t the only person to walk this road. ALL writers at some point have been reamed for their work, especially the first things they’ve written. Feel the sting, embrace the burn, but don’t let it fester. Fight on, write on, and grow.

    • Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. You’ve helped me a great deal with your support. I always smile when I see you’ve RT’d my blog posts or tweets. It means a great deal; more than you think.

      • Your very welcome. I just cant afford the time at the moment with my two girls, work, house refurb etc. All the best of luck with your project though, and the house move.

  3. Yup, writer’s need thick skin, no doubt about it. But, those Beta’s are doing you a world of good, because you want to know what’s broken before it hits the world at large : ) Hope the bloodletting goes smoothly…I might have a few leeches you can borrow : )

  4. I feel your pain, Linda. Highlight all the good, encouraging things your beta readers said so you can come back to them when all the “opportunities” get overwhelming. I found it helpful to let my beta readers’ comments steep a bit and let the most important things float to the top before tackling my manuscript. Good luck!

    • Elizabeth,
      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. That’s exactly what I’m doing and I’m tackling their comments head on. It’s all a step in the right direction.
      Thank you!

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