Editing: Releasing the inner story

The further I go down my own editing rabbit hole the more I see things I cannot believe I missed in the first place. I can’t agonize over a comma, even though I have many a time, but my focus is more so on the story. I wonder if I’m doing it justice, if I am able to convey the meanings I have in mind and to really deliver the wallop I believe the story to have.

When I first started editing I believe I was 92K deep and now I’m at a whopping 99,296. Yeah, totally nuts. I am sure I will be slashing that down soon enough as I have been told some of my kissey kissey scenes don’t advance the story and need to go. I might have a tantrum when I get to those chapters. I want them, I want them in the story because I like kissey kissey long drawn out let’s spend time together for the sake of enjoying each other scenes. Yes, it’s more so a ‘day in the life of’ type of story within a story, but why not focus on the two main characters’ love life? After all, they are going to Hell in the morning, literally, so they might as well have a good time before they get there.

Speaking of Hell…I was recently at a Michael’s craft store and I spoke to an employee about my story and she asked me, “Which version of Hell are your characters going through? Is it the Norse version? Or the ‘fire and brimstone’ kind?” What an excellent question. I love that she immediately recognized Hell does not have to be traditional, it doesn’t have to be what we think it is. Frankly, I think eating too many donuts and not having soy milk to wash it down would be hell. No one likes a dry mouth.

I plan on having a different version of Hell. Sure, there will be the traditional aspect because I cannot resist the references I’ve dropped already re: Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”, but there’s more to it and a mental Hell would be the worst possible version I can think of. Imagine all the things that annoy you in real life: spiders in the bathroom (or anywhere for that matter), eating your favourite meal without the final touch, a loved one turning away, watching a loved one perish, anything that would provide great anguish and then living that over and over again forever! If that isn’t Hell I don’t know what is.

I do leave the story on a cliffhanger and apparently it’s a no-no for a first time author. I will have to look into that. Even I was upset, but it was a delicious upset. I laughed when I wrote the last line and thought oooh, nasty, but I like it. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book!

All I would like to say is, “Spoilers sweetie!”

Hehe. Ooh, I make myself laugh. Yes, I am that dorky. Such a challenge this book writing! Funny how people think the story just pops into a writer’s head and poof there it is. Wish that was the case. Let’s see how long it takes to make these changes. Soon I hope, but realistically at least another few months to even get to the fifth chapter and I have 40 chapters in total. Sigh. *Rolling up sleeves* This story isn’t going to write itself.




2 thoughts on “Editing: Releasing the inner story

  1. Editing kinda sucks…but at times, I find it refreshing to cut and change things up a bit. Sometimes my characters yell at me that they do not like the way things are going and would prefer a change up. And…sometimes they’re right : ) Hope it goes well Linda!

    • Thanks Millie! I’m working away as often as I can and I’m re-writing huge scenes I didn’t think would change. I know how you feel. It’s amazing sometimes to think we do this on purpose! Haha. 😉

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