Storyist: the new love of my life

I feel as if I am a horrible lover, the kind that walks out on you if you don’t provide satisfaction; perhaps it’s just tough love. I love Scrivener, I really do, but I need something that I can take with me on the go and right now I can’t wait for them to figure that part out fast enough. I did what any girl would do, find something that works!

Scrivener will alway be my Mamo-chan, but right now Storyist is my Seiya. For now Storyist, you are good enough, in fact you are what I want when I am on my iPad at Starbucks thinking about what I’m going to do next.

Don’t think I didn’t include some sailormoon in my WIP, my MC’s love interest’s name is Darien. I love, love, love the love story between Usagi and Mamoru-san. Ooh, OTAKU, thy name is Linda. I swooned when I watched the show and squealed when they two love birds kissed. Sometimes I re-watch episodes when I’m trying to get into a certain frame of mind. I have them all on VHS and I went every week to Toronto’s china town to collect them, I spent at least $200 on my collection and for a teenager that was a lot of pocket money. Ah well. Clearly this obsession has helped and has formed some of my story.

This post is supposed to be about Scivener vs Storyist. Now why did I make the switch?
1. I can use Storyist on all platforms and take it with me.

That’s really it. I do really enjoy the features such as having Synopsis pages for Characters, Plot and setting. I think this is incredibly helpful and it has forced me to be more organized with my story. I know I am secular in my bubble and by filling out these sheets, it really makes me wonder how am I advancing the story, does this make sense and what the hell am I doing? In that order.

I suppose I often to find myself thinking, what the hell am I doing, especially after finishing reading a book that shall remain nameless, but has a major motion picture out and is raking in the dough on the paranormal market right now. I think hey, that story has characters that have a thing going on, there’s a whole world that has rules, a society and substance. Am I doing that? What value am I providing my readers? Hence, what the hell am I doing?


My story doesn’t have high glossy action happening all the time. There a few fight scenes, which are bad ass and reminiscent of X-men, in my eyes at least, so there’s that. I suppose I just feel inadequate as my pacing is different. Pacing is so important. What makes a reader stay with the story? Why do they give a shit? Are my characters enough!? Is my story interesting? Ugh. Things I will deal with and hopefully these sheets I am filling out for each chapter will help me figure that out.


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