A look behind the editing

Life gets in the way sometimes and even though writing is my lifeblood I find I don’t have the time to do it as I wish. Such is life? Such is an excuse really, but that is what fickle artist like to say as well. Currently, we’re in the middle of moving cities and it’s always a delicate balance of many strings that have to be pulled to make the dance cohesive.

As uprooted as I felt a few months ago, that feeling doesn’t compare to the uphill battle I’m currently facing.

I love my story, I miss ‘talking’ to my characters and I also am a big baby who has to be in the mood to write. If I’m not happy, I can’t focus because I’m too busy pouting. If I’m sad, I just want to watch trashy tv and mope about. When I am happy, I feel a devilish current race through and it begs to be utilized. That is when I want to write till my fingers bleed.

Not that I can compare myself to Virginia Woolf, not even in the slightest smidgen in all the world. I simply understand her process while watching The Hours. If this was true to form I imagine it was, I mean she was incredibly tormented.

When I was younger, I only used to write when I was sad, thinking this would produce depths from my soul that I could not begin to understand while happy. Now, I am older and understand what rubbish this is. Happy or sad, in either state my senses experience emotion and that is what I can draw from. I don’t wish to have negative experiences be the only way I can communicate.

Either way, all this to say sometimes I wish I had more time to write. Just writing this out now was incredibly therapeutic and I do believe I’ve put myself in the mood. Buggers that I literally have to dash off.


Time, you are forever my enemy, I can do nothing to slow you and you still progress like a soldier trotting on regardless of wordless pleas.


4 thoughts on “A look behind the editing

  1. Linda, when I was writing profiles and business features weekly, I once complained to my mother that I didn’t always feel inspired. Her response? “Honey, when people read your articles, they can’t tell whether you were inspired or not.”

    On the other hand, who could fault you for honoring how you feel?

    xo, Marion

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