Tease – A taste of A Raven’s Touch

I am going through my WIP and damn it this made me laugh.


“What the hell was that!” I shout. “Are you crazy?”


Darien leans calmly against the porch railing and the smirk on his face increases ten fold.


“That, my dear, was me saving you from worry and the laws of man. You really don’t want to go to jail, it’s not a pleasant place I imagine.” Darien explains.


I stand up and start pacing. “I can’t believe this. Was he really going to arrest me? He had no evidence.”


I wring my hands and my lips purse tightly.


“Clearly, you were lying about the font yard, he saw through you and he didn’t really believe your story about your parents.” Darien says yawning.

I stop in my tracks and ball my hands into fists.


“What was I supposed to do? Tell him the truth and get carted off to the mental ward?” I shout.


“What you can do is say thank you. Perhaps a cheek kiss would be fair payment for saving your precious freedom?”


I blow out a deep breath and sit back down on the swing. He taps his cheek and puffs it out for me to kiss. I close my eyes and gently kiss his exposed cheek. He smiles ear to ear as he sits beside me and places his arm around me.


“That wasn’t so bad was it?” Darien asks.


“No.” I say pouting.


“And the magic words?” He says sweetly, enjoying this moment.


“Thank you Darien for saving me from jail.” I mutter.

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