Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Such a good question.

Things like this make me crazy thinking about them. Then I suppose it’s easy to go back to writing as my mind is clear after taking a moment to let the cogs in my head start up and whirl after trying to answer such nonsense.

Writing, writing, writing – it’s all I think about, but something that eludes me sometimes. Here I am writing this instead of writing what I should be doing. If only the world could stop and I could have all the things I need to continue with my craft. HA! Oh, the snort bubble that I just created from laughing so hard at my whiny plea. As if I am some kind of wizard!? Sigh.

Time is my only enemy as I care not for real people since they can’t hurt me the way I can hurt myself. No one can hurt a dreamer more than his own self pity. Pity parties are the best, they can last forever and be the reason one eats so much almond/coconut ice cream while watching trashy reality tv.

I have to keep in mind I’m further along than I was a year ago and the truck can’t stop. Have to keep going so I can have a dance party to make the pity party a bad memory.

Thank you Carlton for keeping me going in my time of need. I want to do this dance with you when I am finished. Dance we shall – oh yes – there will be dancing!


2 thoughts on “Why is a raven like a writing desk?

  1. Love the question. & your answer. Particularly Carlton’s dancing. I do feel that there are many answers to the question. Depending on each individual. Some Native Americans believe Raven
    is Magic.

    • Thanks for the comment! I find there are little tricks to keep the mind fresh when writing. Sometimes distraction is an exercise on itself. I totally believe ravens are magic, my upcoming story is called “A Raven’s Touch”, so yeah, I suppose I am obsessed. In a good way!

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