Things I have learnt from my cat

I have two cats who inspire me. Both of them are cuddly and purr machines, which is great, and they know when I need some help. From watching them I’ve learnt a few things about life.

1. Do what you want.
2. Do what you want even when you’re afraid.
3. Never be afraid to stand your ground.
4. You may feel small, but you have claws – use them!
5. Let your voice be heard – someone will listen.

Cats are amazing little creatures, as are all living beings, and I applaud their ‘don’t give a shit attitude’. We could all use a cat in our lives.

I’m currently going through my 112,426 word MS and performing word surgery. I want very badly to have this complete by the end of February.

2014 has to be my year, I’ve waited a long time for this, and I’m sick of waiting. My time is now and I must seize the day. Onwards and upwards.

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