Victory is nigh!


I am so close to finishing my first round edits and I cannot believe how much this has pained me.  All I can say is Victory is nigh!

After I finish the edits I will be sending my story off to an editor. I love my story and yet I cannot stand looking at it for a minute longer. I meant to edit, and I did, I swear I did.

Right now I’m sitting at 114,634 words. I plan on cutting a few chapters as I want to make sure the story remains tight and every word advances the plot. If something drags – cut it out!

I believe I am still within my goal of having the manuscript ready by the end of February. This upcoming week will be different as I am starting a new job and I am going to have to figure out how to fit in my writing time. Last week Friday I went to a cafe to wait for a particular store to open. While I was there I had my iPad and I was editing my story (using Storyist) and I felt like I was flying through. The progress I made in two hours was more than what I did in two days. I suppose being away from my home office made a difference. That and the terror of knowing I only had a certain amount of time to work within.

I plan on making every minute count and working on my story before/after work. I need this to happen and I am going to do this. I can’t wait another year, another month, another week. I have to and I will.


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