Made it up that hill

Well, check me out, I finally did it! I have stopped tinkering and I have mentally prepared myself to let my manuscript go. I don’t want to be that mother who cries when her kid goes off to school. I will stand tall, wave, and hold my head high. It’ll be okay, I tell myself, it’s just a little while.

I’ll try not to worry, wonder how it’s doing, if it’s being treated well and making friends. I’ll try to spend my time writing its new cousin instead. If I can even do that. Don’t know how much I’ll be able to focus. We’ll have to see about that.

When my story comes back it’ll be better than ever and just itching to be made whole again.

We’ll cuddle and be happy and I’ll try to work through the red marks. This is the most exciting thing in the life of my story so far. I have actually taken that step to push forward and make it REAL.



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