And the list grew and grew

While I’m waiting for my novel to come back from my editor Sara (website) of Serendipity Editing (FB page), I’m not staying idle. I figure why not make a big ass list for marketing my story. I cannot believe how many book reviewer bloggers there are. It’s seriously overwhelming.

As I am incredibly meticulous about planning, I planned my wedding in 3 months, you can imagine the lengths I am going to make this an amazing campaign.

I plan on organizing all the names of the sites I will be featured on by colour coding a chart and lining up the dates so they stagger one group on top of another.

Something like this:

It will be rather beautiful to watch during the execution, but the actual planning of it will probably cause a few tears to shed if things don’t go as planned. That’s why I hope to have at least 100 bloggers all in groups, so even if one drops out I have back up. This is going to be quite the plan, but I don’t see why it can’t be done.

Promotion/marketing, is all about getting your name out there and through various mediums. Sure, there’s consumer burn out, if someone sees you too often, but it’s so hard to cut through the clutter in the first place to cause that reaction. I mean, do people really read more than 10 book blogs? I’d love to know.

I plan on a Christmas release, so let’s see what happens in the next few months. Each day I grow closer than where I was when I started. Yes, that’s obvious, but it’s somewhat scary when you make that realization. I am past the point of dreaming and I am doing; therein lies the difference. There will always be arm chair enthusiasts, but that’s where the real achievers make their mark and go beyond the idle dreaming. Doing something, actually making an impact is a lot harder than one imagines, but the satisfaction is incredible.


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