I received my manuscript back from Sara and I’ve read over all the comments. Frankly, I’m surprised there aren’t more comments, but I realize this is just the first round of edits. I feel like I’m going to be an editing machine this weekend.

I need to let things marinate over night in my mind. I have so many feels damn it.

I want my characters to not come off as shallow and apparently I am somewhat flippant with my character’s feelings. I suppose I’m just trying to shield my main character, Justice, from feeling anything because that means I really have to feel for her. I have an emotional investment that I’m scared to pay out.

I have to let it out, roar it out if I have to, but I can’t do the same thing my mother did to me to my own characters. I have to let Justice feel, breathe, fly on her own. I’m going to have to give her that hero quality that she has deep inside.

This has all just occurred to me and I have a lot of work ahead to complete. Thank goodness for this blog. I need an outlet and I like looking back at my progress. I will consider this just another step in the process and a good one at that.



3 thoughts on “EDIT ALL THE THINGS

  1. Oh the joys of crafting a novel. Each revise gets you closer though I suppose. That’s why I call mine the perpetually nearly finished novel haha. Love the meme by the way 🙂

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