They Made Me Do It

I am going through my edits and listening to the soundtrack of Donnie Darko. I cannot explain how this movie has moved me in my life. The music is just fantastic and it sets the mood for me every time.

I hope to go through at least 20 pages every time I sit down to edit. Right now that time seems to be limited to about two hours on Saturday. I thought for sure I wouldn’t have so much to add, but my word count has increased now to 116, 679 and I don’t think I’m going to stop anytime soon.

My editor has mentioned that I need to flush out some characters and it’s funny how I never noticed this before. I guess that’s why we have editors.



3 thoughts on “They Made Me Do It

  1. One of my favourite movies ever. Love how it deals with the falseness of society and potential parallel worlds. An editor is an author’s best friend…sometimes!

    • The movie is regarded as a cult classic, yet so many people I meet have never heard of it. I think I’ve watched it too many times, but really, how can that be? 😉

      • I watch it every year… Wow there are people who have never seen it!!

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