Editing: The whole shebang

I’m going through my first round of edits and I’m already at 117, 239. I never realized how many holes there are in my story that require filling. Here I was thinking I’d be cutting down words instead I’m adding more in. To my own credit, I did cut a few scenes that were necessary and didn’t advance the plot.

The best part about working with my editor is that she is a fan of my genre. She has been able to point out sections and say, “Hey, this is where you’re going to get torn apart if you don’t do something about it.” Okay, she doesn’t say that, but she might as well. It’s great to have someone point out plot holes, inconsistencies, and a general overall coherent flow.

I’m happy about this process. I like where it’s going and I feel pretty damn good about it.

Yay for positive things in life.

15 thoughts on “Editing: The whole shebang

  1. Good luck with edits! It’s so hard to balance word count with pacing and getting all those plot holes filled…. An art really. Who knew writing was so complicated lol

    • Thank you for finding me! I totally agree . I have finally realized my story is going to be long no matter what. I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to cut it down, only to find those cuts lead to holes I now need to fill.

      I went through your blog and I can completely relate. Glad to have a kindred spirit!

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