Characters I didn’t know existed

When I’m writing, I go with the flow, and I just let things happen. I’m currently on page 206 of my 520 WIP and I have just invented Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins. They’re lovely people who want to comfort my main female character, Justice, after tragedy has struck her family. Justice’s family is the church going type, so why not have these two characters come over with casseroles and words of comfort?

I didn’t realize that I would even create them and have them pop up in the story. The Jenkins’ have a daughter who committed suicide at the age of 8 from school bullies. This little tidbit is going to be a bigger deal in book 2.

So weird how this just happened because my editor suggested (at this point in the story) that Justice have a breakdown. Enter stage right the lovely kind couple whom Justice has known her whole life; the perfect shoulder to cry on and let out some frustration.

I really wasn’t expecting this at all. Here I was writing along and then here we are. Surprise to me!

I’m really hoping to have this round complete soon and back to my editor and then send out a few copies to Betas as well.


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