Editing: Time and butchering + a little help from my friends

I’ve cut out quite a bit out of my WIP and it’s really become a matter of creating a patch quilt now. The next step is to go over everything and smoothing it out.

Sure, I can just leave it to an editor to fix up, but I really don’t want to make it harder. The time and effort it takes to create a story is unbelievable. Who would have thought. I had grand dreams of only requiring a year to write and then six months to edit. Oh, no, no, no. Writing a novel doesn’t work that way. At least, it hasn’t worked out for me that way.

My writing process has been a cycle of being impressed with myself to doubting in the next breath.

I can really only go forward and do the best that I can. What a banal sentence. Sigh. Let’s just get this going shall we?

Things really take their own time and I have only myself to blame and congratulate. The solitary life of a writer I suppose. I have been lucky enough to have a tremendous support system on my Facebook page. I honestly love how my friend are always so positive. I think every writer need some kind of cheering squad to get through those “everything I write is garbage” moments.

I’ve branched out to Google+, and I find the audience is very different. The main difference is that I find I can speak to more authors and people on their way to becoming authors at once. The communities are very active and I’ve found I’m really interested in reading what people are also going through.

I haven’t really given Twitter a bit enough chance. I suppose I will when I have something to say. I find Twitter just a place to go blah, blah, blah. I’ve heard so many times “You need a social platform” to be successful, and I do, just not in all social channels. I mean, honestly, you’d need an assistant to keep all this together.

It all comes down to what I decide and that’s on my shoulders. I have no choice but to make the best of it.



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