Novel writing: It’s getting there

I’ve reviewed my story at least 30 times. At least. I’ve had input from various people, I’ve made adjustments, and I’ve realised a lot about how I write. Overall, I’d say the editing process has been an experiment into my psyche. Other than beta readers pointing out my Canadian spelling as an obvious difference, I’ve been told the story was told in two parts. I really needed to smooth it into one or break it in two. I ended up smoothing it over and I think it’s quite unified now. It doesn’t feel like weirdness suddenly pops up, it’s been trailing the characters like a shadow.

I’ve contacted an editor and I’m going to submit my story November 2nd. I’m more so excited than I am afraid. I suppose this is me settling into things. As if the writing process doesn’t tear a strip off ya – the editing will.

I know I won’t meet my December publish date, but I’m so close to my dream and that works for me. I’d rather put out a great product than hurry toward a deadline that really is my own date. I want to make my story worthy of readers and avoid the pitfalls of new writers.

Fingers crossed.



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