Novel Writing: The Fear

There’s a fear, when writing, of not being accepted, being laughed at, and being complete and utter garbage. I’ve researched quite a few indie novels now and I find 98% of them I cannot complete, the other two percent surprise me by being real novels. The sad thing about indie books is that I find them incredibly disappointing. Often the authors just haven’t taken steps to refine their idea through editing, beta reading, and the like. We all have stories to tell, but taking the steps to make sure your story comes across properly in a cohesive manner is another thing.

Being another story that no one wants to read, that no one thinks is worth a damn, is a huge realistic fear. This is why I’ve taken the time, the steps, the precautions to make my story worthy. I’ve torn my hair out, worn my heart on my sleeve, and given into the voices of doubt many times. The only way to overcome such fear is to face it, deal with it, and kick it in the face.

The horror show that Goodreads has becomes makes me hesitant to bother with it. I know that I’ve done the best I can and I’m strong enough to stand up to these bullies, but I also want to protect myself and not indulge that negative behaviour. Giving a book a one star review before it’s even been published? Following authors around and bashing them? No thank you. I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it, but for now I haven’t the slightest interest.

It all comes down to producing a quality story that people can relate to on a deep level. I want my characters to stay with people and become real. If that means I have to edit my story five times so be it. Whatever it takes to avoid the pitfalls of the fledgling author. I refuse to fall prey to things I can fix. I don’t want to be blanketed with the cloak of ‘another crappy indie author’.

There have been articles about indie writers taking over the market in good and bad ways. I cringe when I see some of the bad examples, then I wonder, am I far from that? What makes my story so different? Will some decent editing make it any better? Too many factors to determine what people find pleasing. It’s a matter of doing your best and whatever pleases you should be good enough.


2 thoughts on “Novel Writing: The Fear

  1. I tend to view the sample available on Amazon, and if I’m still interested in buying the Indie book I read the whole thing. I can’t remember the last time I sampled, bought, but then didn’t complete. Even though indie books aren’t always as polished as the traditionally published, I currently favour their variety of stories, characters and styles.

    • Which books are you reading? I’d love to see an example of an indie author you found interesting. See, that’s the problem, the unpolished part is what I am trying to avoid. I don’t want to be categorized under sloppy writing. I just can’t gloss over this part in a story. I refuse to just accept crappy writing. I want to be entertained and enthralled. Instead I find my eyes being assaulted as I encounter every bump and obvious error that an editor would have caught.

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