Thank you Kitchen Spider

For some reason we had an infestation of fruit flies. It was horrible, we tried to kill them with natural methods, but they just wouldn’t die. They lived around the green waste bin on the kitchen counter and I kept changing the bag daily, but there’d be 20 of them that would fly up from the bag. Oh, disgusting. This went on for three days and then one day we noticed the flies were decreasing in number. It took another two days for the flies to be completely gone and I wondered how did this miracle happen? Then I noticed the small spider who had taken up residence in the corner behind the bin.

I appreciate the work the spider did, as it sure helped, and I got to witness nature’s balance in action. Just as the spider has a natural job to do, I have to do the same thing and finish my editing.

If this happy duck believes in me, well, I can dig that. After this round of edits, I’m going to find another editor to review my story. I really want to have a polished feel to my story and it’s something I notice that is a main criticism in reviews of most indie authors. Why not do the best I can. I don’t want to rush things. I want more than anything to finally have my book in my hands, well, ebook. Sigh. Slow and steady!

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