One more time…with feeling

I’ve finally gone through the edits and have sent off my WIP to be reviewed yet again. Each revision brings me closer than ever to a release date and it’s making me rather nervous. Writing books can cause an everlasting cycle of perpetual changes.


After I receive my WIP back from my second editor, my hope is that there will be minor things that I can update and then upload to Amazon, etc.

Now comes the barrage of promotion that hopefully results in sales of sorts. I’m going to create a bunch of teasers, share my buy links with groups, do book blogs tours, blah, blah, blah…but what can I do to actually make an impact? How do I cut through the clutter? I suppose this is the problem that all writers face. This is an issue I’m going to have to really think about and see what works for me.

Sigh. Let’s see what happens…shall we?






5 thoughts on “One more time…with feeling

  1. Honestly, the hardest part of writing, in my opinion anyway, is that it is never really then. There are always changes that can be made. There’s always another tweak. At some point, you just have to hold your breathe and push your book out into the world, like a mama bird pushing the baby bird out of the nest, and hope all will be well.

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