The little things that kill

I’ve been listening to way too much Bush this week, but my teenage self is rather happy. Back then I used to day dream about Gavin Rossdale, but who the hell didn’t?

The man still looks the same, so I don’t know if it’s some kind of rock and roll pact he made with the devil, or he has amazing genes. Either way, his music has been inspiring me lately and I have been head banging away while writing.

My new job has helped incredibly so. I am no longer in a soul sucking environment where I feel my brain is melting out of my ears. It’s so amazing to actually have people acknowledge my skills. Incredible. This renewed happiness works for me and my writing. I’m finding a balance where I have time in the morning again to work on my story.

At some point this behemoth will be complete. I refuse to put out mediocracy. Also, I’m having an issue with setting the timing/pace. Sigh. What a surprise. This is what happens when you have a vampire character. I find I have to constantly throw in signs that the sun has gone down or people will assume he’s a sparkly vampire who can day walk. No. No. No. No one sparkles.

All this to say, I’m getting there, now faster than a turtle.


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