WIP submitted and now we wait

I have sent my re-written WIP to my editor for her final review. That simple sentence is enough to turn my stomach inside out. I want to simultaneously puke and celebrate.

If this works out, then I’m going to be able to finally wrap up my novel, get it formatted, and ready as an ARC for bloggers. Then, I’ll start planning all the things I need to do to promote and that will not be a small task. I plan on sending my book to as many bloggers who will review my story. I’m estimating that to be at least 500 to start.

After the book is finally released, I’ll have more promoting to do and of course start on that second book.

I’ll most likely have a lot of Office Space moments because I never plan anything and I can’t chart a plot to save my life.

So, book two, coming up…in four years, or so.


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